The Dice of Life: And The Roll They Play

I am NOT a writer, but writing this book this was a personal challenge for me and a great learning experience on the process. I’m excited at the opportunity to finally have it available! My hope is that it will provide people with something to reflect on, think about, and discuss. The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and digital copies. Please give it a shot and let me know what you think!


The dice serve as a great analogy to help explain the different aspects of human diversity and the varied degrees of personal perspectives and prosperity.  The essence of the dice analogy falls into three basic principles which become the crux of what this book is about:

  1. We are all born with a random unique set of talents, abilities, aptitudes, characteristics, and limitations.  Many of these we may be able to improve along the way.  But for some, we will always be at the mercy of what we have originally been given.
  2. As we grow through life, we are continually being shaped and molded by another set of circumstances.  These include our environment, social influences, education, people, and events that occur to us during our lifetimes.  They have an enormous impact on creating our values and motivations.  Some of these we can control, others we can not.
  3. No matter our efforts, the final results of our journey will almost always be at the mercy of an unknown outcome.  Our goal can never be to guarantee the results.  But only to maximize (or minimize) the probability of what occurs.